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Updated Buy and Holding Policy as of 4/1/2022


Due to staff and space limitations, we can accept no more than 25 books at a time. If you have more books than that, you’re welcome to bring them to us in groups of 25 over a period of time. Once we’ve processed one grouping, feel free to bring in the next.


We will make every effort to go through your books at the time that you bring them in as this is most convenient for all parties—occasionally, however, one may be expected to leave books for us to process at a later date at which point we will call you.


If you have books and/ or cash to pick up, you will have 2 weeks (14 days) from the date we contact you to retrieve your items (or make arrangements). After 14 days, they will be considered a donation to the store.


We reserve the right to decline any books for any reason.


Please add our phone number to your contacts list so that you will know when we are calling you. The 14 days starts the day we call or email you regardless of whether or not you respond. (620) 718-5023



Used Book Credit* Estimates

Mass Market Paperback .75

Trade Paperback 1.25

Hardcover 2.00


Cash Estimates

Mass Market Paperback .50

Trade Paperback .75

Hardcover 1.00


These estimates may fluctuate at buyer’s discretion based on various influences including condition, popularity, etc. and are not considered a guarantee.


*Used book credit is credit that can only be applied toward used books.

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