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What a Wild Year!

As of September 1, 2019, Ryan and I (Libby) will have been the owners of Twice Told Tales for exactly one year. The store itself has been here since 2015--we're the newbies. I can't tell you how much this past year has meant to us. To be honest, despite the fact that owning a bookstore has been a deep longing in my heart for decades, I really never believed it would happen. But here we are! Doing the thing!

It's been a year and I'm still excited to come to work every day at the store. That may or may not sound impressive to you based on your own life experience but this is the first time it's ever happened for me and I'm so, so grateful for it. I'm excited to have work that energizes me! I'm excited to be in partnership with my spouse in a new way. I'm excited to be here for our community for whatever you need! I'm excited to be learning every single day.

Twice Told Tales means so much to us for reasons that I'm sure are probably super obvious but I can't help but be touched by the ways I've been reminded that Twice Told Tales also means so much to you!

I love hearing stories of you running into people in other cities and finding that you have this store in common. I loved it when Ryan called me the other day after he heard someone talking on our local radio station about how they saw a book on our Instagram page and then came in to buy it before they went to see the movie, first. I love getting so lost in talking about books at the counter that we both lose track of time and have to force ourselves to change the subject or else neither of us will get anything done for the rest of the day.

We know you love our store (why else would you be reading this blog post?) and want to take a minute to talk to you about all the different ways you're able to support us! Obviously, you know that shopping here is the ideal way to do that, so I'm not going to tell you about that.

There are plenty of ways to help support our store in ways that don't cost you a dime! Some of these are unique to our store in particular but many other ideas can apply to any local business that you want to see succeed!

1. Keep these businesses front of mind when you're making recommendations to friends and acquaintances! You may not have a need to stop in every day but by remembering us when your friends ask for help wondering where to get something, it can be so easy to recommend a convenient website or a big box store but recommending a local shop that you love drives business to that store and helps to ensure that they'll continue to be there for you when you need them.

2. Engage with their social media posts! Like, share, and tag your friends in posts that you think they'd enjoy! Every time that you "love" or comment on a social media post that belongs to a business that you love, you're making that post more visible for other people! And the more people who know about our store, the more likely we are to succeed! If you see a book on our social media feed that you loved, leave a quick little review! It'll entice someone else to come pick it up! 3. Write positive, 5-star reviews wherever you're able to! If you've had an exceptional experience in a business, go write a review on Facebook. Not only does it brighten your shopkeeper's day but it gives other people more of a reason to stop in for themselves. In your reviews, highlight your favorite parts of your store to shop as well as how the place makes you feel and don't forget those 5-stars! 4. Stop in every now and again just to say "hi"! There are plenty of times when people come in just to browse and don't end up buying anything--let me tell you, that never disappoints me. Honestly! Sometimes a family will come in just because they needed to get out of the house or two people will come on a date and get to know one another based on what kinds of books they pick up. I love that our store is here for moments like these--that we're here for whatever you're needing. 5. And, finally, obviously, shop here whenever you're able to. There have been days where someone buying something small off of our dollar table has set us over our sales goal for the day. Every single dollar counts, truly. That means so much more in your small town, locally owned shops than it usually does in your larger retailers. Thank you for continuing to support our shop and ALL the wonderful shops that McPherson has to offer. What are your favorite ways to support your favorite places?