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Blind Date with a Book Hits Twice Told Tales!

February is home to my very extra most favorite holiday.

I love Valentine’s Day for so many reasons, including but not limited to the fact that Kansas in winter can get really cold. Like, bitter cold. Desolate cold. And by mid-February, some of us (especially those of us who are big-time affected by the seasons) are desperately grasping at any joy that gets flung our way. And that’s right when Valentine’s Day waltzes in—on a Thursday. In all her red and pink, glittered glory! Leaving a trail of rose petals everywhere she goes. She’s a little bit cheesy and a little bit tacky and she reminds us to reach out in love. She hands us boxes of chocolates before she wanders right off.

I’ve never been the type of person to obsess over romantic, partnered love on Valentine’s Day. It’s always been more, to me, about showering love on everyone in my life who deserves a little extra oomph. That’s why—when I was placing our order for Valentine’s Day cards, I made sure to not get too many cards that are too lovey dovey. Instead, we brought in cards that speak another truth of love. “Love conquers all” and “You are loved”. Have you come in to check out our new line of cards yet? I’m so excited about having Hammerpress in the store and I hope that you are, too!

Have I declared my undying adoration for Valentine’s Day sufficiently yet?

So what better than to celebrate love than by helping YOU to fall in love… with your next book!

For the entire month of February (or until we sell out!) you’ll be able to stop in and go on a blind date with two books (because, look, maybe the first one won’t be a home run. Or, maybe you’ll love the first one and will be dying for another one! Or maybe your ideal Valentine's Day date includes snuggling up with a book and your favorite person on the couch--each one with a book!).

I’ll have them wrapped up so you can’t tell what they are aside from a few descriptors to help you decide which is going to be best for you. Both of these books will have something in common with one another—maybe it’s theme or setting or time-period? You won’t know until you open up your package!

We’ll have options for Adults (2 books for $10) and middle-grade readers (2 books for $5).

A lot of people have been asking for something like this so I hope you love what we’re offering to you! Who knows? Maybe it’ll extend past February! Maybe we'll do this more often!

I hope you have an INCREDIBLE Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to tag us on social media (here’s a link to our Facebook and Instagram) to let us know what books you got and what you think of them!

XOXO, Libby